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Jaiki Surf Eskola is a surf teaching company that stands out for offering a personalized and safe experience to its students. Its main objective is for students to advance in their learning by feeling comfortable and confident at all times.

The company specializes in teaching surfing at all levels: from beginner to competition, big waves and elite, as well as sup-race and sup-waves. Depending on the weather conditions and the state of the sea, they choose the best spot in Sopela or Plentzia to carry out the activity, with the necessary licenses.

One of the strong points of Jaiki Surf Eskola is that all the courses include the necessary material: wetsuit, invention, board appropriate to the level, RC insurance and accident assistance. The company has the best materials on the market and a working method proven by years of experience with more than 7,500 students.

The personalization of the courses is one of the aspects that students who have passed through Jaiki Surf Eskola highlight the most. The instructors are highly qualified and adapt their teaching to the needs of each student, so that they can advance in their learning at the pace they feel most comfortable.



Telephone number: 607761610/ 697835052