Street art

Sopela is not just beaches and spectacular cliffs. Its streets have surprises in the form of sculptures for travelers.

Different sculptures of contemporary art are located in various corners of the municipality. At the Iberre bridge we meet a strange tin surfer. Next to the town hall, it houses a bronze figure skater and near the town hall there is also one of the few statues dedicated to Angus Young, ACDC guitarist. In Iturrieta Park, a submerged whale awaits visitors and at the entrance to the swimming pools, the cyclist from Sopeloztar, Joane Somarriba, has her sculpture. On Sipiri and Betantxu streets, a propeller and an anchor serve as a tribute to the shipbuilding industry.

1996. Located on the Iberre Bridge.

2002. Located on Siripi street. Sculpture of Angus Young, ACDC guitarist.

The skater
2000. Located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Whale tail
1999. Located in the Iturrieta Park.

2003. Located at the door of the pools. Tribute to Joane Somarriba

1996. Located at the roundabout of Siripi street. It is an authentic ship’s propeller, in homage to the Navajo machinists.

1999. Located on Bentatxu street. Tribute to the sailors of the merchant navy.

The palm
1999. Located in Plaza Urgitxieta.

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